Eco-friendly Gift Ideas in Father’s Day 2020

By | February 1, 2020

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas in Father’s Day 2020: We must not forget our responsibility towards our mother earth, even if it is a big day for celebration. Even in holidays that keep on occurring at regular intervals, we must not shirk our responsibility towards our environment. On this year Father’s Day too, we should show our respect for a clean and green environment and think about the gifts that are quite eco-friendly. There is no dearth of eco-friendly gift that you can think of presenting your father with on this year Happy Father’s Day 2020:

eco friendly gift

Eco-friendly Gift Ideas in Father’s Day 2020

A coupon book made up of recycled paper is one great example of many wonderful eco-friendly Father’s Day gift ideas. You can make it without any problem or difficulty. On each page of the coupon book, you can choose to put any type of item. First, select the recycled paper that you want to use. After selecting the paper, cut each page to about 3’’ by 5’’. You may use crafty scissors for providing fancy edging. Next, in order to write on each coupon, you can use a fine magic marker.

Here are some examples for each coupon book page: give the dog a bath for dad, take out the garbage for dad for ten days without chore money, good for a bear hug, bring dad the newspaper and mail for one week, mow the lawn for dad, walk the dog for dad, wash the car for dad, etc. After you finish the coupon book, you can use a stapler in order to staple the pages together. Believe it, it will prove to be a great eco-friendly Father’s Day Gift. Do this on this year Happy Fathers Day 2020 and make your father believe that you not only care him but also your mother nature.




    prepare everything he wants without all the waste.


Help dad feels comfortable with certain organic clothes like t-shirts, socks, and even boxers. Find soft organic cotton that feels good while being friendly to the environment.


Do you plant a tree in his honor? The trees provide shade, produce fruit and keep the air clean, therefore, plant one in honor of dad and generations will enjoy it for years to come.


If your father likes his electronics, then a portable solar charger is for Dad. It is an excellent way to keep electronic devices charged without using precious energy and use the sun’s energy.


If father likes the outdoors, you’ll want to give him a camping solar lantern. These flashlights are perfect for night parties, barbecues, camping, hiking and much more. In addition, they do not require batteries or electricity.


Pamper dad with bamboo bath tools, such as body sponges and scrubbers. They will help you feel better and are made of organic products at the same time.

Happy Fathers Day Gifts


There are so many wonderful lines of organic hair care. Offer dad new shampoos, scalp treatments, and hair balm. Find a fragrance that you love and know that the product is organic and has not been tested on animals.


Help dad enjoys his 8 glasses of water a day with a durable and modern recycled glass water bottle. It is a great way to help her drink water without generating more waste.


Just as there are many organic hair products, there are also many organic skin products. Offer dad an organic facial cleanser, bath gels, shaving creams, and other skincare products.

When deciding on the gift, be sure to skip the wrapping paper. It simply contributes to more waste. Instead, recycle the paper you already have on hand or reuse a gift bag. Reusable bags are also a gift in themselves.

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