Some Interesting Stories about the Origin of Father’s Day

By | February 6, 2020

Some Interesting Stories about the Origin of Father’s Day. Father’s Day is one of the official celebrations in the USA to mark the strong emotional bond between a child and father. Though Harry C Meek, the member of Lion’s club claim to be the originator of Father’s Day. There are several other stories related to the celebration of this day. Here is a brief description of some of the most popular tales associated with the origin of Father’s Day:

Origin of Father’s Day

Interesting Stories about the Origin of Father’s Day

  •      Interesting Stories about the Origin of Father’s Day.

Some people claim that it was a church service in West Virginia that started this celebration in the year 1908.

  • According to another tale, the first Happy Fathers Day was conducted in Vancouver.
  • The story connected to Harry C Meek is that his organization, Lion’s Club celebrated the first Father’s Day in the year 1915. The day was chosen as third June because it was very near to Meek’s birthday. Though it is a very strange explanation, as the date should have been close to his father’s birthday.
  •  A very close and pretty proven fact about the celebration is the efforts of Mrs. Dodd. Her father was a civil war veteran and she believed she had a great father. Therefore in 1909, she approached the church service and discussed dedicating the birthday of his father i.e., 5th June to be celebrated as Father’s Day. The church accepted her request but as 5th June was very close, so they decided to put on a later date and in this way, it shifted to the third Sunday of June.

What should I get my dad for Father’s Day?

Origin of Father’s Day

Though whatever may be the reason, it is a wonderful day to celebrate the spirit of fatherhood. So, plan something great and make your dad happy!

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